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Undergraduate Programs at Polytechnics

Students with 65% to 75% marks in Year 12 from CBSE board and 70-80% from other boards an be admitted directly to degree programs and students lower marks (not less than 65%) can be admitted into diploma and certificates, which do articulate to degree programs.

University Entry for Undergraduate Programs

Students with 75% and higher may gain direct entry into undergraduate programs. Entry to engineering, architecture, business information programs may require higher than 80% marks.

Entry to Post Graduate Courses

Entry to postgraduate courses in New Zealand institutions is highly competitive and on academic merits. All New Zealand master degrees are built on their bachelor degrees, which are not general degrees like we have in India, these are focussed ones and have a research project in the final year. Therefore, entry is difficult and students from India would need first class honors degree for a direct entry to a master degree of two years. However, students with first or high second division can be admitted into graduate diplomas, which leads to master degree. This would enable Indian students to do a New Zealand Master degree in three years instead of two years normal time.


Education cost in New Zealand is approximately 30% cheaper than USA/UK and around 10% than Australia. This is mainly due to the less value of the New Zealand Dollar in comparison to USA/UK/Australia. The current value of one New Zealand Dollar is approximately Rs. 32/-.

Tuition Fees

Business courses:Undergraduate and Postgraduate – NZ$14,000 – NZ$19,000 per annum
Science Courses: Undergraduate and Postgraduate – NZ$16,000 – NZ$20,000 per annum
Engineering Courses: Undergraduate and Postgraduate NZ$15,000 – NZ$20,000 per annum
MBA Courses: New Zealand Universities do not accept students without managerial work experience gained after their graduation for, MBA. However, some of the private providers such as New Zealand International Campus and AIS St Helen do accept students without work experience for MBA.

Fee: Ranges from NZ$ 25,000 to NZ$ 40,000 for full course.

Living Cost

You require 10-12,000 New Zealand Dollars per annum to support your living in New Zealand.

Part Time Work

International Students enrolled in Bachelor degrees and Master Programs are allowed to work 20 hrs per week during their studies and full time during the summer vacation.