Alexander College (Larnaca)

BA(Hons.) in Landsacpe Architecture-(Uni. Of Wales)
LLB-Law (Uni. Of Wales)
Graphic Design BA-(Uni. Of Wales)
Graphic Design MA-(Uni. Of Wales)
Interior Design BA-(Uni. Of Wales)
Business Admin & Finance BA-(Uni. Of Wales)
Health & Social Care-(Uni. Of Wales)
Intensiv English-(Uni. Of Wales)
Web Design-(Uni. Of Wales)
Digital Photography-(Uni. Of Wales)
Inter Napa College (Farmagusta)


Hospitaliy & Tourism Management(BA)
Business Administration(BA)
Culinary Art (BA)
Diploma in Hospitaliy & Tourism Management
Diploma in Computer Studies
Americanos College(Nicosia)


Master in Business Administration
Business Administration (BA)
International Business (BA)
Markting (BA)
Management Infomation System (BA)
Computer Science (BA)
Hotel Management (BA)
Travel & Torism Management (BA)
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in International Business
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Travel & Torism Management
KES College (Nicosia)


Pharmacy Technician Course
Office Administration & Secretarial Studies
Journalism & Republic Relations
Beauty Therapy
Computer Studies
Hotel Management
Frederick University (Nicosia)


BA in Accounting & Finance
PG Diploma in Architecture
BSc in Automotive Engineering
BA in Business Administration
BSc in Civil Engineering
BA in Graphics & Advertising Design
BA Interior Design
BSc in Mechanical Engineering
BSc Nursing
Phd in Engineering
European University (Nicosia)


Bachelor of Business Administration
Communication & Public Relation (BA)
Leisure & Tourism Management (BA)
International Relations (BA)
BSc in Business & Finance
BSc in Multimedia Management
MBA in International Business
MBA in Global Banking & Finance
MBA in International Marketing
MBA in E- Business
University Of Nicosia (Nicosia)


Master in Business Admintrations (MIS,Marketing, HRM,Finance,Management)
BSc in Accounting
BSc in Hospitality Management
Bachelor in Business Administration (MIS)
BA in Applied Multimedia
Professional Diploma in Architecture
BA in Graphic Communication
Bachelor of Law
BSc in interior Design
BSc in Computer Engineering
BSc in Nursing