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Education in Australia can give you an experience of real difference.

Perhaps, world’s most research-oriented courses are available in Australia. By pursuing an Australian degree, you would imbibe curiosity, inquisition, sagacity and a deeper perspective about life. You will inculcate team spirit, raise intellectually interesting questions and sharpen your argumentative power with fellow students and teachers.

The Australian education flavor is unique. In Australian schools students are taught creative and independent thinking in a progressive learning environment.

Career-focused vocational courses and training transforms you to be an independent and active learner, both in the classroom, work environments and life.

Australian English language courses are practical, interactive and cater to all levels right from beginners to advanced students and to teacher training.

There is no scope for students to be passive in the learning process; they attend lectures, give seminars and spend time in libraries & labs conducting research all through their studies.

Pattern of Evaluation

Evaluation method varies from institution to institution. Internal and External exams are conducted to assess the students. The Senior Secondary Certificate of Education is issued on the basis of the cumulative final results. Universities use these certificates as an admission prerequisite.

Evaluation Patterns for vocational education and training institutions vary; there are the ends of each semester and/or academic year, by continuous assessment through essays, presentations and tests or a combination of all or some of the above.

Evaluation Committees are paneled to ascertain the quality of the student’s scores and thesis. Viva Voce, Group Discussion and Presentations will mark the final assessment.

Australian Universities

Research and innovation are the two key elements of Australian universities. They pose both a challenge and an opportunity.

Be it academic, personal or professional excellence, Australian universities stand first. They offer an active learning experience from a dynamic environment to hone skills, talents and attitude.

More than 2, 00,000 international students prove it a point that Australia is the right place for launching their academics and careers around the world.

Limitless opportunities await the students at Australia. You can choose from a diverse and rich variety of courses both traditional and modern ones. Each of Australia’s universities has its own strengths and specializations, providing you a wider choice and access to the technology and research in your chosen field.

Students are at the helm of class room affairs, playing an active role in the teaching-learning process. Universities give high priority to the development of the ability to think creatively and independently and articulation skills to equip students with an edge-over in this competitive and ever-progressing world.

Australian universities have incubated many new ideas and technologies, leading to advances in business, science and industry. Postgraduate students learn skills in research and specialized areas that put them at the forefront of the development and application of new technologies. You can be a part of this dynamic research environment and be at the leading edge of innovative technologies and research programs.

Academic members of staff are recruited from around the world. There are also student and staff exchange programs with institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The rewards of studying at an Australian university are endless. Develop your potential in an innovative, flexible, yet supportive learning environment. Gain an internationally recognized qualification that will open doors for your future.