The United States is the premiere destination for international students from all over the world. The number of international students attending American colleges and universities is fast approaching 600,000. These students come from nations in every continent because they believe that an American higher education will provide them with the best preparation for their future. The USA offers international students the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. Apart from being the leading destination of choice for international students, the USA offers a wide range of attractions and opportunities

4000+ institutions offer UG, PG, Master’s and Doctorate degree.
Scholarship, fee waiver offered by USA institutions.
High quality education at affordable price.
Hub of latest technology & advancement leading students to better prospects.
Easy transfer of course/ institution.
Learn more than just academic theory – develop independence and confidence.
Part-time on-campus work up to 20hrs during study.
No country in the world has more higher education institutions than the United States of America. Furthermore, most American colleges and universities offer first-class educational programs with highly qualified professors.
The American institutions, through its innovative scholarship programs, have been allowing international students to obtain benefits traditionally limited to American residents.
One of the most important benefits of studying in the USA is the high number of academic options offered to students. A student may study everything from consumer marketing to physical education. Because the U.S. possesses immeasurable resources, almost every field of study is available in the country.

Types of Programs and Qualifications

Undergraduate programs(Bachelor degree) you can join for an associate degree (two years) and later use the credits earned here for Bachelor degree. (Additional 2 years of study).
Graduate Programs(Master’s & Doctorate degree) is the same as post-graduate education in India. You have to study one year or more depending on the subject or course. You earn a master’s degree like MBA, MS or MA. For doctoral degree (PhD) you have to earn more credits.

Requirements for taking admission in programs:

If you wish to apply for an Undergraduate Programs (like BS, BE, BA etc) Colleges will ask for 12 years of formal education (12th examination or junior college in India) The acceptable certificates include: Indian School Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Higher School Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate, and All India Senior School Certificate.

Admission to a graduate program usually requires a minimum of 16 years of formal education. That is, 12 years of primary and secondary schooling and further 4 years of college education.
Anyone can opt and earn degrees or certificates from US institutions. The International Students mainly choose to migrate to US at two stages-

After completion of 12 years of schooling or equivalent to earn undergraduate Degree.

After completion of 16 years of education or equivalent (i.e. college education) to earn a Graduate Degree.

Study in US has always been a dream for all aspiring students. The higher education programs offered in the US are simply the best. The post secondary or the higher secondary course of study includes 4 years of study in a college or university. Students send application for study in colleges after the end of high school. Entrance examinations are arranged by various colleges and universities for the admission of the students. The enrollment is done on the basis of high school courses, class ranking, the students GPA and standardized test scores. The extracurricular activities and personal background of the students are also taken in to account during the admission of the students.

The students willing to join US schools / colleges / university institutions are offered admission on the basis of certain common tests, written test of ‘school / college / university and Interview’, and essay tests etc. US have more than 4000 colleges & Universities and Institutions where nearly 6 million International students study in different courses for various programs.