Singapore Education

Singapore Education

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and a premier destination for lifelong learning complemented with world-class educational institutions. You will embark on a pedagogical journey that combines the best of global knowledge with the wisdom of Asian insights.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the widest range of educational offerings, and embrace a learning environment that is both inspiring and conducive. It is truly a place where you can enrich your mind and life.

Who we are:-
Singapore Education was launched by the Singapore Government in 2003 to establish and promote Singapore as a premier education hub and help international students make an informed decision on studying in Singapore. This multi-government initiative is shared by the Singapore Economic Development Board, the Singapore Tourism Board, SPRING Singapore, International Enterprise Singapore, the Ministry of Education and the Council for Private Education.

What we do
As the marketing and promotion arm for Singapore Education, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) assumes the responsibility of attracting international students to Singapore. The STB works very closely with Singapore education institutions and education agents to reach out to potential international students through a range of promotional platforms, including roadshows, education fairs, education talks and PR and advertising. STB’s efforts are focused on:

a. building international brand recognition for Singapore as a provider of quality education;

b. providing platforms for our institutions to reach out to their target audiences;

c.building credible marketing and information channels so that potential students have access to reliable information; and

d.ensuring that international students have an enriching learning (and living) experience in Singapore so that they in turn can be valued ambassadors for Singapore.

For private schools or PEIs, how would I know whether the PEI that I am applying to is reputable and credible?
All PEI’s currently need to be registered with the Council for Private Education in order to operate in Singapore and the registration process takes into account the PEI’s corporate governance, quality of provision and information transparency.

In addition, PEI’s that take in international students need to have EduTrust certification. There are 3 levels of EduTrust certification – EduTrust Star (valid for 4 years), EduTrust (valid for 4 years) and EduTrust Provisional (valid for 1 year).

PEI’s must seek approval from the Council for Private Education to offer any external degrees offered in partnership with bona fide universities and they are only allowed to offer qualifications of up to Advanced Diploma level in their own name.

A Fee Protection Scheme has also been established to protect the tuition fees of students studying at PEI. It is a mandate that PEI’s have to either deposit the fees in an escrow account or purchase insurance protection administered by CPE-approved companies.

For more information about the list of PEI’s approved by the Council for Private Education, please go through the website.

For more information about the list of courses permitted by the Council for Private Education, please go through the website.

For General Information, please go to Singapore Education website.