How do I apply to study in Singapore?

A. Application procedures are dependent on the type of institutions the students are applying to. In general, you need to check the application procedures with the educational institution of your choice.

For the general application procedures for application to the following institutions:
Government, Government-Aided or Independent Schools
Local Universities
Private Schools
Foreign System / International Schools

What are the entry requirements for International Student who want to study at educational institutions in Singapore?

International Student Admissions is the process for non-Singapore Citizen / non-Singapore Permanent Resident students to seek admission into mainstream primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges (JCs) in Singapore.

Admission of international students into mainstream schools is subject to availability of school vacancies, the student meeting the school’s admission criteria and the student’s successful application of a Student’s Pass (STP) from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), if necessary.

For admission to pre-schools, private schools or post-secondary institutions (e.g. university or polytechnic), please contact the school or institution directly. More information can be found at the pre-school, private schools and post-secondary education sections.