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English is a universal language, which is spoken across the globe. It is an important means of communication and connects people from all parts of the world. Spoken English is widely used in colleges, universities, workplace, social gatherings, during interviews and in many other situations. People who have a good command over the language feel confident where as it is an embarrassment for those who do not know the language perfectly.

The Axis Overseas Educational Services has been providing training in Spoken English for more than fourteen years. We have courses specifically designed for school students, college students, job aspirants, professionals, those appearing in international exams, housewives and all those for whom speaking good English is the way to go.

We offer courses for beginners, adults, students and professionals as these courses improves upon fluency as well as grammar. The lessons are interactive and thus increases the attention span of the students.


Our Spoken English Integrated is a complete programme for Spoken English and overall Personality Development. The programme is spread over four levels for learners at different stages of competence. In this course, content remains the same at all the levels but complexity increases as you reach higher levels.


Spoken English Classes course is divided into three levels. The candidates will be required to give a Mock Test in order to decide the level of training that they are suitable for.



BASIC TRAINING: Our Basic training module is for towards students who only have very basic knowledge of English and are looking to enhance their knowledge of English to an advance level. Following are the focus areas for our basic training.

Spoken English :

Here, we focus on your communication skills by regular sessions of two way conversations. The students also prepare speeches which will boost their confidence for public speaking, group discussions & interviews.

Grammar :

This section emphasizes on improving your grammar and ability to form correct sentence. Correct sentence formation is the essence of any language. So, it is very important to have the required knowledge to form sentences that are grammatically correct. Tenses play a major role in construction of sentences; be it simple or complex so one must make an appropriate use of them. We conduct Workshops and audio sessions which will help students improve their grammar.

Vocabulary :

This module will teach students to make use of new words and improve the ability to form sentences using different words.


Intermediate module is ideal for students who are currently pursuing their bachelors or masters degree. This training not only covers basic training modules, but also focuses on some additional skills that are useful for aspiring students. The training comprises of:

Group Discussions :

Group discussion is an easy way to express your thoughts and views in public. They help in boosting your confidence and developing oratory skills. This involves extempore sessions and teaches you the role of listening, understanding and feedback.

Interview Skills :The objective of this session is to prepare the candidate for a personal interview various entrance exams, jobs etc. Our sessions will focus on all attributes that are critical for doing well in a job interview like body language, ability to express your self etc.


The Advance training module is designed for working professionals. As the name suggest its for candidates who speak good spoken English, however want to further polish their skills. Here the focus is more on your pronunciations, listening and writing skills. This includes three sessions:

Pronunciations :

It is important to pronounce every word in the correct way. In this session, we will help you improving your pronunciations by using the consonant and vowel sound technique.

Corporate Writing :

This session helps you in improving your writing skills with appropriate use of grammar and vocabulary. Sessions on Email writing skills are also covered in this module.

Advance Vocabulary :

This session will help you improve your vocabulary to an advance level and add a wide array of words to your existing vocab.

So make a smart choice and give us the opportunity to help you change your personality, improve your confidence level and interpersonal skills


With our wide range of courses, dedicated training programmes and industry standard course delivery methodology for improving students’ communication skills and personality development, The Axis Overseas Educational Services is a name on which you can rely upon.

» Experienced English language experts

» High quality Teaching Aids

» Study material created by English experts

» Appropriate learning environment

» Excellent infrastructure

» Supportive and friendly staff

» Affordable pricing

» Regular workshops for handling language challenges

» Frequent mock-ups

» Small batch sizes

» Regular evaluation and feedbacks